Q: Will Gel polish damage my nails?

A: All cosmetic products that we use come with instructions. If Gel polishes are used accordingly and applied and safely removed by a professional using the right tools, Gel polish does not damage the natural nail but helps it become stronger and promote a healthy nail growth.

If the nail preparation is too rough and rushed this will weaken the nail plate and create unnecessary damage to it. Also, a rough removal using the incorrect tools can also cause damage to the nail.

Q: Why do I need to use Cuticle Oil?

A: The Gel base coat penetrates the nail plate to create strength but cuticle oil needs to be used to give the nail more flexibility. If you massage your nails and surrounding skin with a small amount of cuticle oil twice a day not only will the Gel polish last for longer but it will keep your nails in very good condition.

Q: How long will my Gel manicure last me?

A: This depends on your lifestyle and how you take care of your newly painted nails. They can easily last you up to 3 weeks if you wear gloves while washing up, avoiding long, hot baths and harsh chemicals, and if you moisturise your hands every day.