Price List

cutmypic (16)Basic Manicure – £12 (file, soak, cuticle work)
Strengthener Gel application (clear or nude with no colour) – £17
‘Hello, Beautiful’ Gel Manicure – £20 (file, cuticle work & block colour Gel polish (re)application)
Ombré / French Gel Manicure – £24 (file, cuticle work & chosen design Gel application)
‘Hello, Beautiful’ Signature Manicure – £25

(file, soak, cuticle treatment, exfoliation & moisturiser, & Gel polish application)

cutmypic (15)Basic Pedicure – £14 (file, soak, cuticle work)
‘Hello, Beautiful’ Gel Pedicure – £18 (file, soak, cuticle work & Gel polish (re)application)
French Gel Pedicure – £20 (file, soak, cuticle work & French design)

‘Hello, Beautiful’ Signature Pedicure – £25
(file, soak, cuticle treatment, exfoliation, hard skin removal, moisturiser & foot & leg massage with Gel polish application)

cutmypic (13)

Gel polish Removal – £5

Gel polish Removal & mini manicure – £10
Gel polish Removal, if not applied by us – £8
Nail enhancements Removal – £12.50

Removal is included only in the reapplication treatment when applied by us.


Full set of Extensions – £35
(file, cuticle work, extensions with Gel – sculpted or with tips; includes block colour Gel polish application)
Overlays (no extension) – £30 (file, cuticle work, Gel overlay; includes block colour Gel polish application)
Infills – £20 (cuticle work, Gel infill; includes block colour Gel polish application)
Single nail – from £2.50 depending on length


cutmypic (12)

Basic Manicure & Pedicure – £23
‘Hello, Beautiful’ Gel Manicure & Pedicure – £35
‘Hello, Beautiful’ Signature Manicure & Pedicure – £46



Nail art (per ONE nail) – from 50p (depending on design: glitter, striping tape, gems, confetti, foils, studs etc.)
Hand painted nail art (per ONE nail) – from £1 (depending on the complexity of the design)
MULTIPLE colours ómbre nails (x10 nails) – £8 extra
Glitter fade (x 10 nails)£4 extra

IBX Repair & Strengthener Treatment – £4 (under Gel polish/Extensions application)
IBX Repair & Strengthener Treatment – £8 (on its own as a separate treatment)

Nail Repair – £3.50
Pedicure – Hard skin removal – £5
Pedicure – Exfoliation & Moisturizer – £3

We promise to always do our best to give you beautiful and healthy fingers and toes, so please let us know if there is ever anything else we can do to improve your experience. Our treatments can be tailored to suit your needs. Please contact us for further information. Thank you!