Grow your nails naturally!

Everyone wants long, healthy and strong nails that don’t break. This is a dream you can actually make come true with a bit of patience and loads of motivation!

I’m here to support each and every one of you on your journey to great and magnificent nails, but we do need to work together in caring for them. We all know how daily stress can make us nibble at our nails or pick at the dead skin around them and affecting the aesthetical part of our hands without even realizing it. I can guarantee that after just one manicure session you will want to change your habits and start enjoying lovely, looked after nails.

I take great pride in a job well done and immediate results bring such satisfaction! The products I use are kind to the nail and maintain its natural structure without damaging it. They help your own nails growth underneath and give them enough strength not to break or exfoliate. No matter how short or damaged your nails may be, I have the treatment for it, you just need to tag along. Wearing gel products or repair treatments isn’t enough though, you need to ‘feed’, nourish your nails with the right oils and regularly moisturise your hands. Beauty does come from within afterall.

If you’d like to discuss a course of treatment for yourself, a friend or relative, or simply just ask for advice, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to explain all the bits and bobs, as honest as always.

Here are a few ladies who have already reached their natural growth goal.

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natural nails removal

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And here are the nails who are still waiting to grow, with lots of patience and nurturing behind the scenes.

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New Treatments

I have been thinking about expanding the nail bar business for some time, and so now I am able to start offering more treatments to all my lovely clients!

Although I have a long list of courses I would like to complete in the near future, for the time being I can offer you the following:

Eyelash Tint (top & bottom) – £10
Eyelash Lift & Tint – £38
Eyebrow Tint – £7
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint – £15.50

eyelash salon

Lash Lift Treatment Benefits:
– Immediate results,
– Lift lasts for up to eight weeks – ideal for those going on holiday!
– Short, straight lashes appear longer and more flattering
– Drooping eyes appear ‘lifted’
– Ideal for those who find the daily use of make-up irritating to the eyes
– For those who find the mechanical method of eyelash curling uncomfortable, time consuming and detrimental to the lashes.

first lash lift

Lash / Brow Tinting Treatment Benefits:
– Tint will intensify and enhance the brows / lashes,
– Darkens fine hair and colour grey or white hair
– Brows and lashes appear thicker and more defined
– Lashes appear longer as fair lash tips are darkened.


A skin patch test must be done 48 hrs prior to these treatments to make sure I can carry them out without any contraindications, but also for your piece of mind!

I will also be offering additional services during the Eyelash Lifts. These can be offered at request e.g. nails file and polish, toenails file and polish, or hand / foot massage. An additional £5 will be charged for any of these services.

I will be introducing the Eyelash Lift & Tint treatment at a discounted price of £25. This offer will expire on the 13th May. Enjoy it while it lasts!