Grow your nails naturally!

Everyone wants long, healthy and strong nails that don’t break. This is a dream you can actually make come true with a bit of patience and loads of motivation!

I’m here to support each and every one of you on your journey to great and magnificent nails, but we do need to work together in caring for them. We all know how daily stress can make us nibble at our nails or pick at the dead skin around them and affecting the aesthetical part of our hands without even realizing it. I can guarantee that after just one manicure session you will want to change your habits and start enjoying lovely, looked after nails.

I take great pride in a job well done and immediate results bring such satisfaction! The products I use are kind to the nail and maintain its natural structure without damaging it. They help your own nails growth underneath and give them enough strength not to break or exfoliate. No matter how short or damaged your nails may be, I have the treatment for it, you just need to tag along. Wearing gel products or repair treatments isn’t enough though, you need to ‘feed’, nourish your nails with the right oils and regularly moisturise your hands. Beauty does come from within afterall.

If you’d like to discuss a course of treatment for yourself, a friend or relative, or simply just ask for advice, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to explain all the bits and bobs, as honest as always.

Here are a few ladies who have already reached their natural growth goal.

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natural nails removal

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And here are the nails who are still waiting to grow, with lots of patience and nurturing behind the scenes.

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Then & Now

Becoming a nail technician has been a great challenge since day one, but also a big accomplishment. It took a lot of courage to take the plunge and enroll at college shortly after giving birth, to finally pursue my passion and study for it day and night. It also took a lot of work converting one of the bedrooms into the nail salon and sorting out all the bits and bobs to starting my little business.

I am grateful for how all of it has played out so far and feel quite lucky to have met such amazing people and gain loyal clients in a very short time, who always like to test my creative skills. Every new design I create contributes to my personal progress and pushes me to become better at what I do in order to master new techniques. It’s a constant learning process, and when it comes to nail art there will always be something new waiting for me to try it next!

Here’s my then & now evolution, from the first few weeks at college and studying for exams late at night, while trying not to wake the baby up, to setting up the room and practising manicures and pedicures on my poor husband, to practical sessions at college and a few of the manicures I did last year compared to the ones from this year.

I hope this journey never ends!

evolution 4
College uniform – Night time studying – Nail desk in the making
evolution part 3.png
Parrafin Wax hand treatment – Toenails practice and french manicure with nail polish
evolution then and now
TOP – first sets / BOTTOM – most recent sets
evolution part 2.png
TOP – first sets / BOTTOM – most recent sets
salon before and after
Before & After

Heels SOS

We might not look down at them as often as we should, but our feet take on a great amount of weight and pressure every day, which is not always good for them.

If you find yourself at home standing on hard floors for long periods of time, probably without wearing any slippers or socks, then most likely your feet already have calluses or corns, as increased pressure on your feet can thicken the skin, and while it’s losing hydration, it can create fissures or ‘cracks’ in your heels. Untreated cracked, dry skin could become inflamed and would be at an increased risk of developing infections.


If your feet and heels are dry, start peeling or cracking and they feel painful while walking or standing, then the best thing you can do is to take action right away.

Prevent & Treat:

  • soak your feet in warm water for up to 15-20 minutes, preferably twice a week (you can add a foot soak or bath salt, which works as an antiseptic)
  • exfoliate twice a week; use a pumice stone or a foot file to scrub off the dead skin off the heel and the sides of the feet
  • use a gentle foot scrub lotion as part of your shower routine
  • keep your heels moist; wear silicone heel sleeves to help lock in moisture and speed up the healing process
  • apply moisturisers on a daily basis, always include your feet in your beauty routine
  • Olive Oil – Use use use, repeat!
  • try using specialised heel treatments and medicated lotions
  • take regular breaks and avoid standing for long periods of time
  • wear comfortable footwear
  • protect your feet by wearing socks or slippers while at home
  • ask for professional help (consult your GP)

You can always opt to go for regular pedicures and get a treatment plan to suit your needs and budget. Try the paraffin wax treatments as these will help the skin absorb all the vitamins and oils from the creams through warmth and leave you with incredibly smooth skin.

And let’s be honest… scrubbing your own feet and staying on top of them isn’t always comfortable or easy, so why not let someone else pamper them for you? You’ll benefit from the use of professional products in a relaxing environment and you don’t have to do any of the hard work.

professional pedicure

The final result: you’ll get to admire a pair of clean, soft and healthy feet with zero the effort!

Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it everyday for the rest of your life.