“No Nail” Gift Wrapping

Pile of decorative colorful Christmas gifts

Since we’re all so different some of us will already have their gifts ready for Christmas day. But for the remaining ladies who haven’t had the time to tick this off their lists, here are a few useful tips to follow in order to maintain your recent manicures.

If you can tie a nice bow around the gift, that’s ideal. Sometimes excessive wrapping or wrestling those folds to make them allign perfectly WILL ruin your nails! Try something simple, what’s inside is more important!

Make sure you buy a tape dispenser and use a pair of scissors to cut all the bits and bobs. You may think that your nails are sharp enough, but honestly… DON’T! And look at that cute Unicorn tape dispenser, why would anyone NOT want to use that?!

You might also feel tempted to use your nails to pick labels, tags and stickers because “it’s quicker”. But what does that mean for your nails? Well, chipping for sure. Fixing chips requires trying to book an appointment, and that could be quite difficult to accomodate due to limited or no availability during such a busy time.

Instead you can use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the sticky residue. Vegetable or baby oil will do the trick as well. Use a small knife to help you lift sticky labels. Find an alternative, and if you find yourself stuck, just ask your Nail Technician for advice. We’ll find a solution together!


Ultimately, after all that hard work preparing something for everyone, treat those busy hands to some lush hand cream and give them a rest.

Your nails are jewels, don’t treat them like tools! Take good care of them and they’ll stay as fresh as the day they were done. Happy Gift Wrapping, everyone!


Heels SOS

We might not look down at them as often as we should, but our feet take on a great amount of weight and pressure every day, which is not always good for them.

If you find yourself at home standing on hard floors for long periods of time, probably without wearing any slippers or socks, then most likely your feet already have calluses or corns, as increased pressure on your feet can thicken the skin, and while it’s losing hydration, it can create fissures or ‘cracks’ in your heels. Untreated cracked, dry skin could become inflamed and would be at an increased risk of developing infections.


If your feet and heels are dry, start peeling or cracking and they feel painful while walking or standing, then the best thing you can do is to take action right away.

Prevent & Treat:

  • soak your feet in warm water for up to 15-20 minutes, preferably twice a week (you can add a foot soak or bath salt, which works as an antiseptic)
  • exfoliate twice a week; use a pumice stone or a foot file to scrub off the dead skin off the heel and the sides of the feet
  • use a gentle foot scrub lotion as part of your shower routine
  • keep your heels moist; wear silicone heel sleeves to help lock in moisture and speed up the healing process
  • apply moisturisers on a daily basis, always include your feet in your beauty routine
  • Olive Oil – Use use use, repeat!
  • try using specialised heel treatments and medicated lotions
  • take regular breaks and avoid standing for long periods of time
  • wear comfortable footwear
  • protect your feet by wearing socks or slippers while at home
  • ask for professional help (consult your GP)

You can always opt to go for regular pedicures and get a treatment plan to suit your needs and budget. Try the paraffin wax treatments as these will help the skin absorb all the vitamins and oils from the creams through warmth and leave you with incredibly smooth skin.

And let’s be honest… scrubbing your own feet and staying on top of them isn’t always comfortable or easy, so why not let someone else pamper them for you? You’ll benefit from the use of professional products in a relaxing environment and you don’t have to do any of the hard work.

professional pedicure

The final result: you’ll get to admire a pair of clean, soft and healthy feet with zero the effort!

Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it everyday for the rest of your life.

Nail Technicians & Their Free Time

When I’m not caring for people’s hands and feet, I’m always on the lookout for new and popular trends, techniques and products. This does take a lot of my time and it’s part of my personal development as I’m constantly looking to improve my skills and gain new ones. This leaves very little time for leisure, but I feel lucky enough to have this amazing job I can call a hobby!

It’s such a complex industry and you’ll find something new every week! Reading about and reviewing different types of products plays a huge role in being up to date with everything going around, which in turn enables me to offer the best treatments and take pride in the service I provide. The more knowledgeable I am, the better I can perform and that has made a difference on plenty of occasions. I also like to learn more about the medical side of things, read more on nail disorders and how these can affect both my clients and my work. There’s nothing worse than going to have your nails done and your nail technician not being able to satisfy your curiousness in relation to the products that they use or answer simple questions related to your personal skin & nail concerns.


There’s a lot of dedication and research behind ‘the scenes’, a lot of product testing sessions to deem a product suitable for my clients or not, hours put into practising new nail art designs to always take you by surprise, buying certain products specifically for those clients who need a more tailored treatment, always making sure that the salon is clean and tidy, especially glitter free, and that all tools have been sterilized and disinfected, and of course, finding only nail polish and Gel polish brands that are free from harmful ingredients that would normally affect your natural nail, Vegan & Cruelty free included.

So it’s not just about painting nails, it’s about being passionate about my work and taking my reputation status seriously. It’s about genuinely caring for my clients’ wellbeing, forever coming up with new ideas on how to better the service they’re receiving.

It’s about going that extra mile for YOU, and I’m willing to do that every time you decide to visit my salon.

Your nails are jewels, so make sure they always get the right treatment!

My work as a Nail Technician

Nail Technicians will use different techniques and the duration of their services will depend on various factors. Of course, the products used will affect the application and removal process, and take away or even add to the length of a treatment.

polygel in progress

I’m a ‘Quality over Quantity’ type of gal and I do like to take my time by being thorough with every treatment that I offer. Some might even say I’m a bit OCD when it comes to nail preparation & cuticle care. I stand by my technique as in order to achieve great polish / finish results that last, the nail must first be meticulously prepped, and that my lovelies, takes time. It’s so much more than just a quick file and polish, it’s about changing the look of a nail and making it look at its best, always.

I personally don’t use an e-file (electric file or ‘drill’ if you will) to prep the nail or remove Gel polish off your natural nail. I found that although it might be faster to perform certain services, my clients prefer a more gentle approach. I’ve been asked if I could do a Gel manicure in 30 mins, and my answer was NO, as that wouldn’t even come close to a properly cleaned nail plate ready for any product application. I also have clients who make sure I don’t use an e-file on their nails due to previous bad experiences where not only were their nails roughed up, but they also felt rushed as if being on a conveyor belt.

At ‘Hello, Beautiful’ your nails are treasured and I always aim at making every lady feel comfortable, at ease and stress-free, enjoying a good chat and a cuppa! The way you are treated as a client is highly important to me as it’s not just a paid service, but your ‘Me Time’, special and precious time where others will look after you for a change.

As part of taking care of nails, the way clients treat their hands and nails when at home / work also makes a huge difference in maintaining good and healthy nails. The dentist will always pester you to ‘Make sure you floss!’, and just like them, I will make sure I always tell you to use cuticle oil and hand cream on a daily basis as I want you to get the best out of each set of nails that I give you!

Your nails are jewels, so make sure they always get the right treatment!

Cuticle Oils

As any moisturizer, the role of cuticle oils is to soften and improve the appearance of the nails and skin surrounding them. Continuous use can help protect your nails against any external damage (eg. excessive use of soap water, cooking, typing or simply environmental conditions – is anyone else feeling the cold outside?) as they are rich in vitamins so that the skin and nails can rapidly absorb. These oils can quickly repair and protect dry or cracked skin around the cuticle area, deeply moisturizing the entire nail plate.

Untitled design(4)

When having Gel polish manicures done, the Gel base coat penetrates the nail plate to create strength, but cuticle oil needs to be used regularly to give the nail more flexibility. Combined, the two will make your nails stronger and healthier than before.

I recommend using a small amount of cuticle oil twice a day, as massaging your nails and surrounding skin will not only make the Gel polish last longer and prevent any lifting, but it will increase circulation in the nail bed and promote a healthy growth, while keeping your nails in tip-top condition.

Your nails are jewels, so make sure they always get the right treatment!


Nail Preparation

Keep hearing that Gel polish is bad for your nails?!

I found that nail preparation is one of the most important parts of a nail service. It ensures the best product application and great, long lasting results. For many years Gel polishes have been getting a bad rep and I get a lot of clients asking me about the possible damage of Gel polish on the natural nail, and I always explain that it is not the product that damages the nails, but a poor or wrong technique in applying and removing it.

gelish 16 days

All products are designed to be used in a very specific way, following manufacturer’s instructions. The nail is a strong, yet delicate surface, as it is prone to scratches. When prepping the nail, unnecessary filing should be avoided as repeating the process with each treatment can leave behind a weakened and damaged nail. This in turn can cause breakage, pain and possible infections.

At ‘Hello, Beautiful’ we take the time to gently cleanse the nail and prepare it for product application. Removing the nail’s natural oils through light buffing with a high grit buffer will ensure that only the oils are removed and not layers of your nail. It’s important to use the right tools and technique to remove the oils off the nail as nail polishes or Gel polishes will apply better and stay on for longer periods of time.

Also remember that where aftercare advice is given (eg. use cuticle oil twice a day and don’t use your nails as tools), do follow these to make sure your nails stay in tip-top condition.

Your nails are jewels, so make sure they always get the right treatment!


Get Ready for Christmas, kitten!

With only two months left till Christmas Day, we seem to be adding more and more things on our ‘TO DO LIST’. We don’t want to miss anything for the big day and especially ANYONE!

Sorting out presents for everyone, stocking fillers and arranging a 3-course meal for the entire family can’t be easy! That’s why this year ‘Hello, Beautiful’ is coming to your rescue!

These lovely Gift Vouchers can be purchased for set amounts of £10, £20 or £30. Just drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help!

xmas voucher front

Are you ready for the next heatwave?

Hello, beautiful!

We’re enjoying some more sun after a couple of rainy and cold days. We made good use of those nasty days and got ourselves ready for the heatwave with some beautiful, whacky pink colours!

Remember, kitten, sunscreen is a must even for your hands & feet, your palms & soles, but don’t forget to wipe any excess cream off your nails to make sure those bad boys stay ritzy for longer!


How to strengthen your nails naturally

Suffering from brittle, weakened nails? Luckily enough mother nature has all the perfect, natural ingredients out there for you to use in the comfort of your home. These are the best oils to use in order to achieve beautiful nails.


Olive oil
Renowned for its nutritious properties, olive oil can be used in any beauty treatments. Warm enough oil and pour it in a bowl, then place your fingertips in the bowl for 10 minutes. The oil will penetrate the skin and nails and nourish them. Repeat daily for 2-3 weeks in order to achieve strong nails.

Coconut oil
Not only does it smell like the heavens, but it’s one of the best home remedies for nail strengthening! Apply a generous amount of lukewarm coconut oil directly to your nails and gently massage in for 5 minutes. Massaging will improve blood circulation in the nail bed.

Argan oil
It protects and hydrates the nail plate, while softening cuticles and any tough skin around the nail. Use a drop or two on each finger nail and massage into the cuticles. Repeat as needed.

Mix in a few teaspoons of lemon juice to any of these warm oils and soak your hands for 10 minutes before going to bed. Regular treatment will guarantee stronger, brighter nails

Expose your nails to sunlight at least a few minutes a day, as this will ensure vitamin D intake needed for healthy nails

Massage your cuticles and nails daily to promote good blood circulation and provide your nails with oxygen and nutrients to help with growth