2019 in a nutshell

Last year was definitely a challenging one!

Heres my top 12 moments:

1. The saddest farewell extensions I ever did for a friend client who relocated to the US for a year. I just wish they would’ve lasted her the whole year!

2. An A-Z session with a first timer. Lots of pressure when introducing someone to nails for the first time, but also very cute and memorable.

3. Emotionally challenged as I gave my friend her wedding nails. For a non-hugger, she cracked my bones at the wedding reception!

4. Tiny nail art on tiny nails, hoping it wouldn’t turn into reality – my client returned safe and sound after camping in the Canadian forests for two weeks, no real bears in sight!

5. Testing both your own and your clients‘ patience with very detailed hand painted designs.

6. Creating the longest nail extensions since doing nails, learning with every new request!

first 6

7. Treating nail biters and helping them grow their own nails. Succeeding in breaking a habit is a difficult task, but so-so rewarding both ways!

8. Completing a new course and working with eyes for a change. Very scary at first, I’ll give you that!

9. Nail art requests brought over from social media, Pinterest and Google – expectation vs reality fears/goals/fails!

10. Finding the time to actually do your own nails. Very tricky.

11. Persevere in taking the best photos and show off the newest designs. Always a fun way to end a nail session with my hand models, as they like to call themselves (haha)

12. Successfully giving everyone their Christmas & New Year nails, probably one of the busiest times of the year by far!

second 6

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