Nail Maintenance

Have you ever wondered why your nail technician recommends that you come back for an appointment within a certain number of weeks?

I pride myself in my work and have demonstrated that gel nails can even go up to 8 weeks before a removal. Although I guarantee that your nails will stay put for longer than 2 weeks, as a responsible and qualified nail technician, I strongly recommend two weeks between appointments with slight flexibility, taking into account the condition of each persons nails.

The longest you should wear a gel manicure without compromising your nail health is two weeks. Even though your manicure might look perfectly fine, after two weeks you run the risk of damaging your nails if you keep them on for longer.

Think about it, would you keep the same make-up on your face for a full week?!

Now lets briefly approach the importance of correct maintenance and wearing gel products.

The bed epithelium that sits between the nail plate and the nail bed must always remain elastic, therefore when wearing gel products youll have to make sure you use cuticle oil frequently, if not at least twice a day. It works the same as with hair: external factors, harsh weather or even chemical products make our hair brittle and our ends split. We help our hair by using conditioners, serums, hair masks and oils.

It shouldnt be any different with our nails.

Sure, a gel manicure can last you up to two months, but there are certain consequences to not keeping on top of it and leaving product on for too long.

Why is it always a good idea to book in advance?

  1. because as much as it strengthens your nails, gel can also weaken them: as your fresh set of gel nails starts growing, the strong point, which gives the nail balance and strength, gets pulled down towards the free edge (nail tip) and this can create weakness at the base and stress point of the nail.
  2. because a big growth can be unsightly and can make your nails more prone to breaking: as the growth uncovers your natural nail, the rest of the nail will still be protected by product. The longer the nails get, the quicker you will be to catch them, or even injure them without realising. Repeated tapping or pressure can start damaging your natural nail.

To keep on top of your manicure, simply book in advance to ensure your nails get rebalanced or redone in time. This way you avoid an overgrowth and unnecessarily stressing the nail bed. And dont forget that between appointments, using a nail brush in the shower helps keep the nails clean and free of building bacteria.

Recommended time for wearing gel polish nails (depending on individual nail growth & condition): 2 weeks

Recommended time for wearing gel extension nails (depending on individual nail growth & condition): 2 weeks up to 4 weeks maximum

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