Winter Is Coming

Its time to soften up, ladies!

As most of you can relate, those who have always had sensitive skin to the cold will get dry cuticles and chapped hands straight away if left too late.

chapped skin hands

Isnt it just a shame that we focus more on our face nowadays, remembering to carefully moisturise it in the morning and invest in face masks and the works, but forgetting to look after our precious hands & feet?!

We live busy lives, we work hard, we have no time for that. But we SHOULD make time for that. You SHOULD make time for yourself to take a moment and love the skin you live in, to keep it hydrated inside and out. Luckily there are plenty of ways to maintain a supple skin and the effort can be minimal.


These are not only lightweight and portable, but at the same time so easy to use, with just one swipe! Did I mention they smell heavenly?!

These are specifically made for the cuticle area, as the nail plate and surrounding skin can become dry from washing our hands frequently, if using an air dryer at work, and even from exposing our skin to hard water.

Cuticle oils usually contain Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil which are the best to use on the skin.

*NAF STUFF Cuticle Oils in various scents – £6 (please contact if youd like one)

nafstuff cuticle oils.png

leopard dark salmon


It goes without saying that we use hand creams or body lotions because we love their smell and the feeling of softness they leave behind. Nowadays you can get hand creams from as small as 5ml, in different shapes and with various dispense mechanisms.

Some prefer the lotion pumps, some like the cream pots more, as long as youre using them on a daily basis, chapped skin can be a distant memory. If you dont like the oily feel about them, try a non-greasy hand cream that absorbs quickly. 


hydrated skin hands


Why not try healthy foods high in antioxidants together with using your favourite moisturizer?


Im sure youll like at least one of these:

Dark Chocolate
Goji Berries
Sweet Potatoes
Green Tea
……and the list can carry on……

But make sure you pair up with your Marigolds before doing the washing up!

close up of woman wearing protective rubber gloves


No matter what you choose to use on your skin or eat in order to help improve the condition of your skin and nails, your body will thank you!

So when you go to sleep at night and have finally decided to put on your cuticle oil and hand cream, make sure youve made your skin proud!

Female Hands Showing A Sign Of Thumbs Up


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