“No Nail” Gift Wrapping

Pile of decorative colorful Christmas gifts

Since we’re all so different some of us will already have their gifts ready for Christmas day. But for the remaining ladies who haven’t had the time to tick this off their lists, here are a few useful tips to follow in order to maintain your recent manicures.

If you can tie a nice bow around the gift, that’s ideal. Sometimes excessive wrapping or wrestling those folds to make them allign perfectly WILL ruin your nails! Try something simple, what’s inside is more important!

Make sure you buy a tape dispenser and use a pair of scissors to cut all the bits and bobs. You may think that your nails are sharp enough, but honestly… DON’T! And look at that cute Unicorn tape dispenser, why would anyone NOT want to use that?!

You might also feel tempted to use your nails to pick labels, tags and stickers because “it’s quicker”. But what does that mean for your nails? Well, chipping for sure. Fixing chips requires trying to book an appointment, and that could be quite difficult to accomodate due to limited or no availability during such a busy time.

Instead you can use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the sticky residue. Vegetable or baby oil will do the trick as well. Use a small knife to help you lift sticky labels. Find an alternative, and if you find yourself stuck, just ask your Nail Technician for advice. We’ll find a solution together!


Ultimately, after all that hard work preparing something for everyone, treat those busy hands to some lush hand cream and give them a rest.

Your nails are jewels, don’t treat them like tools! Take good care of them and they’ll stay as fresh as the day they were done. Happy Gift Wrapping, everyone!


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