Nail Technicians & Their Free Time

When I’m not caring for people’s hands and feet, I’m always on the lookout for new and popular trends, techniques and products. This does take a lot of my time and it’s part of my personal development as I’m constantly looking to improve my skills and gain new ones. This leaves very little time for leisure, but I feel lucky enough to have this amazing job I can call a hobby!

It’s such a complex industry and you’ll find something new every week! Reading about and reviewing different types of products plays a huge role in being up to date with everything going around, which in turn enables me to offer the best treatments and take pride in the service I provide. The more knowledgeable I am, the better I can perform and that has made a difference on plenty of occasions. I also like to learn more about the medical side of things, read more on nail disorders and how these can affect both my clients and my work. There’s nothing worse than going to have your nails done and your nail technician not being able to satisfy your curiousness in relation to the products that they use or answer simple questions related to your personal skin & nail concerns.


There’s a lot of dedication and research behind ‘the scenes’, a lot of product testing sessions to deem a product suitable for my clients or not, hours put into practising new nail art designs to always take you by surprise, buying certain products specifically for those clients who need a more tailored treatment, always making sure that the salon is clean and tidy, especially glitter free, and that all tools have been sterilized and disinfected, and of course, finding only nail polish and Gel polish brands that are free from harmful ingredients that would normally affect your natural nail, Vegan & Cruelty free included.

So it’s not just about painting nails, it’s about being passionate about my work and taking my reputation status seriously. It’s about genuinely caring for my clients’ wellbeing, forever coming up with new ideas on how to better the service they’re receiving.

It’s about going that extra mile for YOU, and I’m willing to do that every time you decide to visit my salon.

Your nails are jewels, so make sure they always get the right treatment!

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