My work as a Nail Technician

Nail Technicians will use different techniques and the duration of their services will depend on various factors. Of course, the products used will affect the application and removal process, and take away or even add to the length of a treatment.

polygel in progress

I’m a ‘Quality over Quantity’ type of gal and I do like to take my time by being thorough with every treatment that I offer. Some might even say I’m a bit OCD when it comes to nail preparation & cuticle care. I stand by my technique as in order to achieve great polish / finish results that last, the nail must first be meticulously prepped, and that my lovelies, takes time. It’s so much more than just a quick file and polish, it’s about changing the look of a nail and making it look at its best, always.

I personally don’t use an e-file (electric file or ‘drill’ if you will) to prep the nail or remove Gel polish off your natural nail. I found that although it might be faster to perform certain services, my clients prefer a more gentle approach. I’ve been asked if I could do a Gel manicure in 30 mins, and my answer was NO, as that wouldn’t even come close to a properly cleaned nail plate ready for any product application. I also have clients who make sure I don’t use an e-file on their nails due to previous bad experiences where not only were their nails roughed up, but they also felt rushed as if being on a conveyor belt.

At ‘Hello, Beautiful’ your nails are treasured and I always aim at making every lady feel comfortable, at ease and stress-free, enjoying a good chat and a cuppa! The way you are treated as a client is highly important to me as it’s not just a paid service, but your ‘Me Time’, special and precious time where others will look after you for a change.

As part of taking care of nails, the way clients treat their hands and nails when at home / work also makes a huge difference in maintaining good and healthy nails. The dentist will always pester you to ‘Make sure you floss!’, and just like them, I will make sure I always tell you to use cuticle oil and hand cream on a daily basis as I want you to get the best out of each set of nails that I give you!

Your nails are jewels, so make sure they always get the right treatment!

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