How to whiten underneath your nails naturally

Nails can get discoloured easily, either because of excessive use of nail polish or due to being exposed to dirt almost the whole day. This is how you can keep your nails looking fresh and clean.


Lemon Juice

A super easy home made method to whiten the area underneath your nails is to soak your fingers in lemon juice. Squeeze two lemons in a bowl, place your fingertips in the bowl for approximately 10 minutes for the juice to work its magic. Rinse your hands with warm water, then make sure to apply cuticle oil & hand/nail cream.

Soap and Water
Needless to say, cleaning underneath your nails with soap and water is one of the most common ways to whiten the area underneath your nails. In order to achieve the best results, make sure to rub gently underneath your nails with a nail brush while using soap and water. This can be done on a daily basis, for both hands & feet.

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